Three benefits of disposable gloves with grip

In industry, hand protection is essential. The grip strength provided by gloves becomes an important consideration for hand protection.

Disposable gloves (Latex Gloves or Nitrile gloves) are commonly used for hand protection. Both gloves are naturally sticky, providing a sensitive and firm grip.

But if there is oil deposition in the palm, it will seriously affect the handgrip strength, causing safety hazards!

The result was a diamond grip textured nitrile glove.

Three benefits of disposable gloves with grip:

1, Raised diamond texture, from horizontal, vertical, oblique three angles formed a small "ditch", oil can be along the "ditch" smoothly discharged from the palm.
2. Increase the contact area between the hand and the object. Each pair of diamond-textured YIGLOVES nitrile gloves features a pioneering "insert" of more than 3,000 diamonds. These "diamonds" give the gloves 60 percent more surface area than normal rubberized gloves, greatly increasing friction and allowing the wearer to handle objects with ease.
3. At the same time, inside the glove, there is a reverse diamond texture, which is conducive to air circulation between the glove and the hand, keeping the palm dry all the time, so that the wearer can feel comfortable and comfortable all the time, and the grasping ability can be maintained all the time!

In conclusion, diamond-textured nitrile gloves provide excellent dry and wet grip strength, providing safe working conditions for industrial personnel.

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