Who uses TPE gloves?

Medical tasks, food handling, chemical and oil industries, and also painting tasks can benefit from the use of TPE glovesThey are effective in protecting against oily substances, acid, emulsions, and other liquids and serve well in food preparation where cross-contamination needs to be kept to a strict minimum.
TPE gloves are thermoplastic elastomers, which are mainly used in food processing, home cleaning, hairdressing, painting, pet daily care, basic chemical protection, etc. So TPE gloves can not only be used for home cooking, cleaning. There are so many uses. Do you know why TPE gloves can be used in these areas? The existence of TPE gloves has proven their ability to completely replace ordinary disposable plastic gloves, so let's compare the two.

1. Plastic gloves are softer than ordinary PE plastic gloves.

2. Embossing finer, not prick, feel the soft feeling, not slippery hand.

3. Easier to wear, good adhesion, clenched fist softer.

4. Stronger flexibility, puncture resistance.

Using TPE gloves instead of ordinary plastic gloves can not only stand out in the above practical functions but also have other advantages that ordinary plastic gloves do not have. For example, TPE gloves are thicker than ordinary gloves and have no taste, and they are stronger in expansion and elasticity than ordinary gloves.


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