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Because Disposable gloves have many uses, they must undergo rigorous inspection before they are ready for sale.
Workers in the automotive, health and agricultural industries deal with some irritating chemicals, which means the gloves they wear must be shown to provide adequate protection.For medical applications (gloves), employees also need safe pathogen barriers, and the same is true.As a result, manufacturers use extensive testing to determine which gloves are suitable for use, while medical-grade gloves have a higher standard.
gloves protest against viruses
The following is an overview of the process: Minimum quality standards for glove inspections are based on the Sampling Standards List (AQL).

For glove products, the US Food and Drug Administration has set the standard, and AQL's testing methods are derived from the American Society for Materials and Testing (ASTM), which sets standards for industry around the world.AQL is suitable for batch gloves and is a way to test the function of gloves in percentage terms.For example, out of 100 gloves with an AQL of 3.0, only 3 gloves in that lot failed.Medical gloves have an AQL of 1.5 or lower.

If more than three pairs of gloves are detected as defective, the whole lot is defective.In this case, the manufacturer will review the glove manufacturing process to determine which steps need to be adjusted.Considering the risks in the medical field, the AQL value of medical-grade gloves will be very low.Medical gloves have higher AQL standards.Testing methods for gloves The quality testing of gloves involves a variety of inspections.A pinhole leak test is used to check the integrity of the barrier to determine whether the gloves are suitable for medical applications.This is because even a crack in the glove material (the smallest) can expose the wearer to pathogens.

In the test, manufacturers fill gloves with a litre of water, close the cuffs of the gloves, and hang them upside down.Gloves that do not leak during testing are suitable for medical grade.An interesting fact about the AQL (test method) for disposable gloves is that manufacturers usually produce medical and industrial gloves on the same production line.Although industrial-grade gloves also pass the manufacturer's standard quality tests, they do not require FDA testing.This is not to say that the quality of industrial gloves is not safe, AQL is just a cost effective method.It provides the manufacturer with the correct quality grade for both types of gloves.AQL tests are divided into medical gloves and industrial gloves (two grades).


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