How to avoid latex gloves allergy?

Although Latex Gloves may cause allergic reactions in a small number of people, this does not affect the status of latex gloves in disposable gloves.There are still a lot of people who like to use latex gloves, so let me give you an analysis of how to effectively avoid allergies caused by medical latex gloves.

latex gloves

1. It is recommended to use gloves without powder instead of gloves with powder.

2. Individuals who are allergic to latex should use non-latex gloves.It is recommended that people who are allergic to latex use powder free latex gloves or non-latex gloves, which can effectively prevent allergens.

3. Latex free gloves should be selected, i.e. medical gloves should be manufactured without accelerants.

The best way to avoid allergies to latex gloves is to reduce contact, reduce contact with glove promoters and even latex gloves, essentially reducing the chance of allergy.If latex gloves are still to be used, it is recommended to wear a pair of TPE gloves to keep them out of contact.TPE gloves are the closest in shape and performance to plastic gloves among disposable gloves, but some do not. Tpe gloves seem to have been developed to address the shortcomings of plastic gloves.It's kind of an upgrade of the plastic gloves.


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