Precautions before and after wearing gloves

wearing gloves

Before wearing gloves:

1) Confirm whether the use date of gloves is within the effective date.

2) Make sure that the gloves have no obvious defects and the damaged gloves are not allowed to be used again, especially in the following cases:

* cracks;Cracking at sutures

* Severe wear and tear

* deformation

* Sticky or brittle

3) Trim fingernails and clean hands before wearing gloves

Precautions during use of gloves:

1. When using gloves, avoid using the same pair of gloves on different cleaning surfaces

2. Gloves should be cleaned regularly for long hours

After use

After the use of gloves, the gloves should be uniformly discarded in the designated trash can, not randomly placed in the workshop equipment, baskets or locker rooms of personal storage.

For gloves that are reused, it should be noted that after they are cleaned in accordance with the operation procedure after the production, they should be hung in the designated position and should not be placed in the personal storage cabinets of various equipment, baskets or changing rooms in the workshop.

Gloves to deposit

Gloves should be stored in clean, dry and ventilated gloves free from oil, heat or direct sunlight and corrosive gases.


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