Requirements for restaurant disposable gloves

1. Preparation of dishes: kitchen staff shall wear Disposable gloves when cutting and matching raw materials, and should pay attention to the distinction between raw and cooked food when wearing gloves. Disposable gloves shall be replaced before handling cooked food after cutting and matching raw food;

2. Production: the staff in the cold dish room and the water bar must wear disposable gloves when making food (except the barbecue division and the stir-fry division).
dish room disposable-gloves
3. Dish passing: the chef shall wear disposable gloves to avoid mixing hand bacteria into the food in direct contact with the dishes, and the dish passing personnel shall change disposable gloves when they are free.

4. Cleaning equipment: Kitchen staff shall wear disposable gloves when cleaning equipment. Disposable gloves shall be changed after touching cleaning tools and cleaning supplies.

5. Cleaning: The kitchen staff shall wear disposable gloves when cleaning, and the staff shall contact with chemicals or garbage cans and ground garbage; Disposable gloves should be replaced after picking up food and using contaminated tool containers
6. When touching clean tableware: Employees must wear disposable gloves when touching disinfected tableware.

7. During operation, employees should cough, sneeze, blow their nose, touch their hair, and wash their hands to disinfect or change their gloves after picking their ears.

8. In case of a hand injury, kitchen staff should wear disposable gloves to prevent cross-contamination between wounds and dishes;

1. Wash hands and disinfect gloves before using;
2. Wash hands in time after removing gloves after work;
3. Remove gloves when leaving the food processing area, and replace disposable gloves after returning;
4. Disposable gloves should be replaced in time if they are damaged during operation.


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