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China Disposable Gloves TOP manufacturer-YICHANG

Since 2001, Dongguan YICHANG Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. has been focusing on developing medical personal protective equipment products. The main products are Disposable gloves wholesale, Disposable Aprons, Isolation Gowns, Mouth Shield, Disposable hood covers, and so on, the company uses automatic machinery and equipment to establish a quality management system, for family life to create a more convenient, environment.

Disposable Gloves Wholesale:

TPE gloves Vinyl Gloves

Nitrile gloves
Synthetic Gloves

Disposable Latex-Gloves Powder Free
PE Gloves
Latex Gloves

YICHANG is committed to the production of plastic products, with plastic products in daily life, more and more widely used, plus plastic products have become the demand of people. To be able to facilitate people's life, can help more people, the company from the customer's point of view, design several elegant appearances, the high use value of products, has become many people's life. Company after recent years of rapid development, has become the industry scale is bigger, good corporate image, as the changes of The Times, the people's attention to the environment, the plastic products not only convenient tool life, plastic products has become the new and old customers demand, at the same time also can facilitate people's lives, make more contribution to protecting the environment.


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