What are disposable aprons used for?

What are Disposable Aprons? ... The aprons are made of plastic instead of cloth and it is waterproof. Disposable Aprons are made from polythene, which is inherently liquid repellent, protecting clothing against spills and splashes.

The surface of disposable apron is specially processed, resistant to oil and lotion, anti-adhesion, good air permeability and reusable. Uniform thickness, regardless of the left and right wear, feels comfortable, anti-sweat anti-static, and has some weak acid, weak alkali function. At the same time, this product has no lubricating powder, is non-toxic, no sensitization, is the best choice for people with allergies.


Disposable aprons are mainly used in medical treatment, ink printing, biological medicine, hygiene, beauty salons and food processing and other operating industries. At the same time, it can also be widely used in the processing and processing of microelectronics, computers, communications, semiconductors, precision components, etc., to prevent employees from polluting the products due to sweat and dust during operation, and avoid scratches caused by fingernails on the products. In addition, it is also widely used in household daily cleaning, kitchen cleaning oil stains and so on.


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