The best disposable gloves for mechanics

With the development of the industry, the automobile has become a means of transportation for thousands of households, and the auto repair industry has gradually moved toward specialization and standardization. We often find that Mechanics wear diamond grip gloves when working.

The-best-disposable-gloves- for-mechanics

How does wearing diamond grip Disposable gloves help Mechanics?

1. Puncture resistant

Mechanics often work with sharp, rough auto parts, such as screws under the hood of a car, tire wrench tools, and so on. If mechanics operate by hand, it is easy to cause skin damage and the risk of tetanus infection and other diseases. Not only can not guarantee personal health but also affect work efficiency.

Our YIGLOVES‘s disposable gloves protect Mechanics from these injuries. Using high-quality nitrile, tear resistance, puncture resistance, effectively block sharp auto parts and auto repair tools damage skin, firmly protect the bottom line of mechanics safety.

2. Corrosion resistance

Mechanics come into direct contact with many hazardous chemicals during the repair process. Examples include coolant, car fuel, and paint, which over time can contain harmful substances such as nitrates and lead, which can lower blood pressure, weaken immunity and damage the respiratory tract.

Therefore, mechanics need to build the right protection measures. Disposable Nitrile gloves not only have puncture resistance but also have good chemical resistance, long-term operation is not easy to be corroded, give mechanics the safest and reliable health guarantee.

3. Increase grip force, increase strength for mechanics hand


1) Diamond grip textured

Screwing the small nut is the most common operation step in the process of auto repair, but it is often difficult to handle because of its small size.

This problem can be overcome by wearing disposable gloves. In particular, wearing textured disposable gloves not only increases hand friction but also increases the surface area between gloves and auto parts, improving grip strength and preventing it from slipping from your hands.

2) Oil resistance

Mechanics all day long and oil lubricants all kinds of fluids to deal with, then pay attention to will also get covered with oil stains. Hygiene and health can not be guaranteed, while the oil pollution on the hands will increase the burden of work, will lead to slippery hands can not finish the work.

Recommended durable nitrile powder-free gloves for Mechanics are oil and slip-resistant. The operation of heavy auto parts also does not have to worry about oil pollution trouble!

To better guarantee the health, health, and safety of Mechanics, you can also wear other protective equipment at work, such as protective Face Mask, goggles, etc.


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