Why nitrile gloves turn yellow?

Presumably many friends in the use of Nitrile gloves have encountered the phenomenon of gloves yellow, So what exactly causes this phenomenon? Can yellowing nitrile gloves be used again?

1. Oxazole content in acrylonitrile exceeds the standard

First of all, we need to know that nitrile gloves are made of butadiene and acrylonitrile by emulsion polymerization, and the quality of acrylonitrile will directly affect the performance of the products after processing.

Acrylonitrile oxazole content is the most critical! It can not only affect the color and storage stability of acrylonitrile but also affect the color of the synthesized polymer materials.

Therefore, in the process of making nitrile gloves, it is necessary to strictly transform the acrylonitrile production process, the oxazole content in acrylonitrile will be less than 0.007%, and the color of acrylonitrile will be reduced to less than 20, which can satisfactorily solve the quality problem of yellowing of nitrile gloves in the production process.

2. Improper storage or too long

If nitrile gloves are placed in the sun for a long time (above 30 degrees) or stored for a long time, it is also easy to turn yellow. Before use, it will be found that the gloves may become brittle, sticky, and other gloves aging phenomenon.

If this happens, the performance of nitrile gloves has been greatly compromised, it is not recommended to use!

3. Contact with substances containing copper ions

Many friends say that the color of the newly arrived gloves is normal. Why do they turn yellow when they wear them?

This is because the nitrile rubber material is exposed to copper ions, which can turn yellow, maybe sweat, saliva, or other heavy metals (keys, mobile phones, etc.), in general, Disposable gloves with higher glue content will be more responsive to copper ions.

The change of this condition has little effect, and the effect on the performance of gloves is very weak, and most of the discoloration caused by this reason is local discoloration at the contact site.

In most cases, if the gloves aren't torn, you can still use them.


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