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What are the best nitrile gloves?

At present, there are many brands of cleanroom special clean Nitrile gloves on the market, they can be different in origin, quality, price, color, size, level, and other aspects, so in the face of so many styles and types, how to choose a suitable cleanroom nitrile gloves? How to choose a nitrile glove to help you improve product efficiency? How to choose the best nitrile gloves? We have summarized six basic principles for the evaluation of nitrile gloves for your reference and reference:

  • Physical properties: thickness, strength, color, size, and stretch of gloves need to be evaluated;
  • Chemical properties: corrosion resistance;
  • Cleanliness: such as LPC, FTIR, NVR, IC evaluation;
  • Production process: material ratio and auxiliary additives, chlorination level, vulcanization level;
  • Dust-free cleaning: cleaning environment, cleaning DI water, cleaning solvent, etc
  • Brand and cost: according to the actual situation of users.

YICHANG is a professional manufacturer of Disposable gloves wholesale. Since 2001, Dongguan Yichang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. has been focusing on developing medical personal protective equipment products.  Yichang Company takes “quality first, Honest and trustworthy, Satisfied Service” as the philosophy and owns the FDA and CE international quality ISO system. Yichang is also CN-FDA approved Manufacturer, which is doing a great effort for the government during Covin-19. You are welcome to cooperate with us.


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