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Are Vinyl Gloves latex-free?

Vinyl gloves do not contain latex and are usually the cheapest choice among the three materials... Vinyl gloves are usually looser and less elastic than nitrile or Latex Gloves, which makes them unsuitable and uncomfortable to wear.

Are vinyl gloves the same as nitrile?

1. Nitrile gloves: The material is NBR, a synthetic rubber, and the main components are acrylonitrile and butadiene;
2. Vinyl gloves: Plastics containing vinyl compounds;

Vinyl gloves oil resistant:

Good oil resistance, acid resistance (nitrogen or sulfur), corrosion resistance, and a wide range of solvents (phenol, ethylene glycol, aniline); medium physical properties (compared to nitrile gloves and latex gloves resistance to obstacles, Cut resistance, puncture resistance, and friction resistance are poor)

Vinyl gloves chemical resistance:

Health & Safety International (Health & Safety International) pointed out that the impact of vinyl gloves on the environment has also lit a red light. Vinyl gloves have a low resistance to many chemicals and should not be used in any environment where hazardous substances are handled. Vinyl gloves are suitable for low-risk tasks and should not be worn for long periods.

Vinyl gloves usage:

Vinyl gloves can be used temporarily in many situations where Disposable gloves are needed. Including medical tasks, food processing, chemical and petroleum industries, and paintwork. Cross-contamination in food preparation needs to be strictly controlled to a minimum.

Are vinyl gloves food safe?

Vinyl gloves are a popular choice in the food industry and they can be used for general tasks, food preparation, and service. Where high levels of durability and protection are not a priority. They are the cheaper option.

Are vinyl gloves recyclable?

Although vinyl gloves are not biodegradable, they are also a kind of PVC gloves, which are plastic, vinyl gloves are recyclable.


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