Introduction to thermoplastic elastomer


Thermoplastic elastomer is a polymer material with both plastic and rubber characteristics, showing high elasticity of rubber at room temperature and plasticizing and forming at high temperature (without vulcanization). The structural characteristics of thermoplastic elastomer are that different resin sections and rubber sections are composed of chemical bonds. The resin sections form physical crosslinking points by interchain forces. The rubber sections are high elastic chains and contribute elasticity. The physical crosslinking of the plastic segment changes reversibly with the change of temperature, which shows the plastic processing characteristics of thermoplastic elastomer. Therefore, thermoplastic elastomer has the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber and the technological processing properties of thermoplastic plastics. It is a new kind of polymer material between rubber and resin and is often called the third generation of rubber.

According to the different preparation methods, thermoplastic elastomers are mainly divided into two categories: chemical-synthetic thermoplastic elastomers and rubber-plastic elastomers. As a new generation of synthetic rubber, thermoplastic elastomer has begun to replace some traditional synthetic rubber.

The basic information:


Molecular formula: C26H20

CAS no. : 51-632-9

CB number: CB0356145

EC: 211-179-1

Melting point: 340° F – 430° F

Boiling point: 788℉

Water-soluble: insoluble in water

Safety instructions: S24/25 (Avoid contact with skin, avoid contact with eyes)

The characteristics of TPE

1. Can be processed by the general thermoplastic molding machine, no special processing equipment is required.
2. Production efficiency has been greatly improved. Vulcanized rubber injection molding machine can be used directly, the time from the original 20min or so, reduced to less than 1min; Because the vulcanization time required is very short, direct vulcanization by extruder has been available, and the production efficiency has been greatly improved.
3. Easy to recycle and reduce costs. The waste products produced in the production process and the waste products that eventually appear can be directly returned for reuse; Used TPE products can be simply recycled and then recycled to reduce environmental pollution and expand the source of renewable resources.
4. Energy saving. Most thermoplastic elastomers do not require vulcanization or vulcanization time is very short, can effectively save energy. Take high-pressure hose production energy consumption as an example: rubber is 188MJ/kg, TPE is 144MJ/kg, can save energy up to 25%.
5. Wider application areas. Due to the advantages of both rubber and plastic, TPE has opened up new application fields for the rubber industry.
6. It can be used for strengthening and toughening the modification of plastics. It has high self-reinforcing property, simple formula, little influence of compound agent on polymer, and easy to master quality performance. However, THE heat resistance of TPE is not as good as that of rubber, and its physical properties decrease greatly with the increase of temperature, so its application scope is limited. At the same time, compression deformation, elastic recovery, durability, and the same as poor rubber, the price is often higher than similar rubber. Nevertheless, the advantages of TPE are still very prominent, and various new TPE products are constantly being developed. As a kind of new rubber material with energy-saving and environmental protection, its development prospect is very promising.

Product performance:

Thermoplastic elastomers have better transparency, flexibility, and relatively low price, with broad design space. The hardness ranges from ultra-soft to 90A. Excellent transparency, glossiness, and comfortable feel, widely used in adult products. With good UV resistance, weather resistance, high-temperature resistance, the long - term for outdoors.


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