Rubber vs Plastic-YICHANG


1, Rubber: refers to a reversible deformation of high elastic polymer materials.

2, Plastic: refers to the plastic (flexible) material formed by processing, or the rigid material formed by curing cross-linking.


1, Rubber: is made of latex, latex contains a part of the non-rubber components in the solid natural rubber. In general, natural rubber contains 92-95% of rubber hydrocarbons, while non-rubber hydrocarbons account for 5%-8%. Due to different production methods, different producing areas, and even different picking seasons, the proportion of these components may be different, but basically within the range.

2, Plastic: with high molecular weight synthetic resin as the main component, add appropriate additives, such as plasticizer, stabilizer, flame retardant, lubricant, colorant, etc.


1. Rubber: It not only provides light industrial rubber products indispensable for daily use and medical use but also provides various rubber production equipment or rubber parts for heavy and emerging industries such as mining, transportation, construction, machinery, and electronics.
2, Plastic: parts are widely used in every field of life today, such as household appliances, instruments, and meters, wire and cable, construction equipment, communication electronics, automotive industry, aerospace, daily hardware, etc.


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