PVC Gloves VS Vinyl Gloves-YICHANG

1. Different inclusion relationships

Vinyl Gloves is a category of PVC Gloves, a type of PVC containing Vinyl materials. Vinyl is also referred to as a Vinyl polymer, which consists of a wide range of plastic and Vinyl compounds.

2. Different characteristics

Vinyl Glove is a group of compounds containing ethylene genes that are typically highly active, multi-structured, and usually strong, flexible, and shiny.

PVC Glove is a common thermoplastic resin, a type of polyethylene, formed by the polymerization of polyethylene with HCl and used in a wide range of products, including raincoats, garden hose, recording records, and floor tiles.

3. Different toxicity

Any of several compounds containing the ethylene gene, typically highly reactive, readily multi-structured, usually strong, flexible, shiny, used as a basic material in plastics, and essentially non-toxic.


PVC is polyvinyl chloride: a common thermoplastic resin used in a wide range of products, including raincoats, the hose for garden watering, recording records, and floor tiles. It is a kind of polyethylene. It is made of polyethylene and HCl polymerization, aging resistance rather than polyethylene, but toxic.


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