PPE meaning?What is the role of PPE?

Among the labor protection products store, it will often see the three English letters of PPE. Many consumers don't understand what it means. What is the true meaning of these three letters? Let's go to understand.

PPE is the English abbreviation of personal protective equipment, mainly used to protect employees, prevent serious workers or occupational diseases in dangerous working environments.
Personal protective equipment includes Face Shields, safety glasses/Medical Goggles, hard hats, seat belts, safety gloves, safety shoes, audible protector, respirator, and a large amount of breathing protection equipment, Isolation Gowns, portable instrumentation.

Personal Protection (PPE) is protective clothing, helmet, goggles, or other clothing or equipment designed to protect the wearer's body from harm or infection. The hazard response to protective equipment includes physical, electrical, thermal, chemical, biological hazards, and particulate matter of air propagation. For career-related occupational safety and health purposes, the purpose of sports and other entertainment activities may wear protective equipment. "Protective clothing" applies to traditional clothing categories, "protective equipment" is suitable for items such as pads, shields, or masks. The appearance of the PPE protective clothing can be similar to that of the dust-free room.

Personal protective equipment aims to reduce employees' hazard risk in engineering control and administrative control and reduce these risks to an acceptable level. When there is danger, PPE needs to be used. PPE has serious limitations, that is, it is impossible to fundamentally eliminate hazards, and if the device fails, the employee may be harmful.

Any PPE item will form an obstacle between the wearer/user and the working environment. This will bring additional pressure to the wearer. Weakened their ability to work and cause great discomfort. Any of these factors will prevent the wearer from using PPE correctly, making the danger of injury, bad health, or even in extreme cases or even death. Good human-machine engineering design reduces these obstacles to XXX, so you can ensure safe and healthy working conditions by correctly using PPE.

Personal protective equipment can be classified according to the protected body area, hazard type, and type of clothing or accessories. A single item (such as boots) can provide a variety of protection: steel toe caps and steel insoles protect foot-free extrusion or piercing damage; anti-seepage rubber and lining prevent water and chemical intrusion; high reflectivity And heat resistance prevent radiation heat and have high resistivity to prevent electric shock. The protection characteristics of each device must be compared to the hazards expected in the workplace. Personal protective equipment with high breathability may not lead to more pollution but will bring greater user satisfaction.


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