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Disposable gloves are often used by moms who like to make their own food for their babies.But after all, it is made for the baby to eat food, so moms will worry that the use of gloves are not safe enough.For example, are disposable gloves better, PE or PVC?Here are the main differences between the two materials.


1. Safety:

The raw material of PE disposable gloves is polyethylene material. The material itself and the production process generally do not add harmful substances.

The raw material of PVC disposable gloves is polyvinyl chloride, and the production process will generally add plasticizer and other harmful substances, so the use of PVC gloves is generally not recommended in the food industry.

2, Flexibility:

PVC gloves tensile performance is relatively strong, not easy to break, elasticity and softness is better. This aspect of PE gloves will be worse than PVC.

3, Color transparency:

PE gloves transparency is relatively high, bright color;PVC gloves are less transparent and breathable.

Although PVC gloves are not suitable for use in the food industry because of their certain toxicity, they are widely used in the electronics and chemical industry because of their good dustproof and anti-static performance.However, if disposable gloves are used to make food, PE gloves are safer. Therefore, it is recommended that mothers use PE gloves or other gloves of safer materials instead of PVC gloves for food.


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