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With the outbreak of the pneumonia epidemic, the demand for disposable protective gloves in the marketing market has been greatly expanded. Disposable gloves can be divided into Nitrile gloves, Vinyl Gloves, and natural Latex Gloves depending on the material. So what is the difference between them?

The first material, nitrile gloves is NBR, a styrene-butadiene rubber, mainly composed of acrylonitrile and butadiene; Vinyl gloves are made from polyethylene. Natural latex gloves are made from a natural latex mattress (NR).

Advantages and disadvantages?

Nitrile gloves:

Advantages:material is biodegradablee, wearing is not easy to skin allergy, can be added to the color paste, the color is also more gorgeous.
Disadvantages: Poor ductility, the price is higher than natural latex gloves.

Vinyl gloves:

Advantages: They are cheap and can be used with a paste to create a bright color.
Disadvantages: Vinyl gloves have a high viscosity grower, which is internationally recognized as one of the most effective physical and mental health growers, are volatile in heat, and are not biodegradable.

Latex gloves

Advantages: They are biodegradable and malleable.
Disadvantages: Some groups will suffer from allergies if they wear natural latex gloves for a long time.


ESD refers to the antistatic properties of products. Generally speaking, nitrile rubber products have antistatic properties, while PVC and natural latex do not have antistatic properties, so they are not suitable for ESD areas.

The antistatic property of nitrile gloves is super glue making the secret recipe, different manufacturers of the glue have different ESD performance of the products manufactured, is associated with gloves manufacturers not big, and even the same super glue to make the products on the performance will also differ, so nitrile butadiene gloves can be used as general application of antistatic gloves, But the performance is less than the technical professional antistatic gloves.

Precautions for nitrile gloves:


  • 1. Do not wear rings or other ornaments in your hand;
  • 2, Nails should be cut on time, can not be too long, to prevent harm to the glove fingertips;
  • 3. The nitrile gloves are thin.Avoid piercing sharp objects, such as needles and wooden sticks;
  • 4. The gloves should be removed gradually from the waist down, and can not be dragged from the area of the fingers.
  • 5, choose to pay attention to the specifications, very small will lead to smooth blood night unhappy, very easy to fall;
  • 6. Regular maintenance must be done. If damage is found, it can not be applied again.

Precautions for vinyl gloves:


  • 1.Disposable vinyl gloves do not have heat and insulation properties. Not to be used in outdoor work areas. Not allowed to be used as insulator gloves.
  • 2.Disposable vinyl gloves should not be used if they are scratched and can be harmful to safety.
  • 3.Disposable vinyl gloves should be stored with natural ventilation to avoid moisture return and mildew.
  • 4.When using disposable vinyl gloves. Do not touch corrosive chemicals.

Precautions for latex gloves:


1. It should be prevented from touching organic chemicals such as acids, bases, and solvents.

2, such as when dealing with infectious chemicals, should choose powder-free and low protein natural latex gloves. Natural latex gloves that are powder-free and low in protein reduce the risk factors for skin allergies. However, natural latex gloves with low skin allergy do not reduce the risk factors for latex allergy, only reduce the organic chemical additives in natural latex gloves caused by allergies.

3, resolutely implement the work specification, to reduce the chance of natural latex damage.
Such as:
  • 1) When wearing natural latex gloves, it is not necessary to apply oil-soluble hand cream or toner, which will cause the decline or destruction of natural latex gloves.
  • 2) After taking off or removing natural latex gloves, wash your hands with soft soap and wipe your arms thoroughly.
  • 3) for disposable natural latex gloves, can not be repeatedly worn (because the gloves may have lost the ability to defend against harmful substances).


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