Nitrile Gloves FAQ


Nitrile gloves heat resistant:

NBR material can be used at -10° ~ 100 ° C. But nitrile gloves are intended to be used with your hands and should be used at the normal temperature of your hands. If gloves are used at too high a temperature, nitrile gloves become more permeable and their chemical resistance will be greatly reduced.

Are nitrile gloves chemical resistant?

Nitrile gloves can effectively prevent organic solvents, its main advantages are high strength, high elasticity. Mainly for the hand regular contact with liquid chemicals, such as chemicals warehouse, alcohol cleaning, etc. Nitrile gloves do not have any resistance to some highly corrosive things, so be sure to read the product instructions when using, do not exceed the scope of use, such as some high acid, high corrosion of some things is completely not allowed.

Will nitrile gloves melt in acetone?

Acetone is not very harmful to the human body as a polar solvent, and butanone is similar. Nitrile gloves have good protection against ketones and will not be quickly dissolved. As long as it's not a particularly toxic strong solvent.

Are nitrile gloves biodegradable?

Nitrile gloves material: NBR.A synthetic rubber consisting mainly of acrylonitrile and butadiene. The non - allergic, degradable, pigment can be added, the color is brighter. So nitrile gloves eco friendly.

Can nitrile gloves be recycled?

The answer is yes.It is a pity to throw away the nitrile gloves if they are not damaged after being used once. Glove recycling can reduce the increasing pressure of material costs of enterprises and also fulfill their social responsibilities for protecting the earth environment.The more please check out:Are nitrile gloves recyclable?

Will nitrile gloves prevent electric shock?

It can't. Nitrile materials have a high dielectric coefficient, which can easily cause charge accumulation and release static electricity when touching other objects.Gloves made of fibers with good electrical conductivity should be used.

Will nitrile gloves prevent static shock?

Nitrile gloves generally have a very good anti-static function at present, the effect is also better.

Are nitrile gloves safe?

YES, Check out:
Are nitrile gloves toxic?

Are nitrile gloves food safe?

Nitrile gloves expiration date?

Nitrile gloves have a shelf life of 3-5 years.

Why do nitrile gloves expire?

Acrylonitrile (AN) is the production of nitrile rubber gloves in polymeric materials is one of the main monomers, acrylonitrile directly influences the quality of subsequent processing and product performance, with acrylonitrile content of oxazole in and among them the most critical, it not only affects the chromaticity of acrylonitrile and storage stability but also affects the synthesis of polymeric materials after color. Some chemical reactions of acrylonitrile may occur when oxazole content in acrylonitrile exceeds 75mg/kg. This means that if the amount of acrylonitrile and oxazole in the gloves exceeds the threshold, it will turn yellow. One is that the finished product color has problems, and the other is that the color will change after storage for some time. If rubber products are used for a long time, they will be aging. If they are aging, the performance will change. For example, some become hard or easy to crack.

Nitrile Gloves vs Rubber Gloves:

Latex Gloves are also called rubber gloves. Latex is a natural material derived from the SAP of rubber trees. Natural latex is a biosynthetic product.PLS check out:Latex Gloves vs Nitrile Gloves


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