Latex gloves


Do Latex Gloves food safe?

Food-grade gloves are recommended. Because the main composition is latex, latex gloves contain plant protein, to avoid the protein into the food and cause an allergic reaction to customers, the food industry to avoid the use of latex gloves, it is advisable to choose accord with food-grade sterilization of Disposable gloves to use, and disposable latex gloves, don't resist the corrosion of animal fat, contact with animal fats are easy to be corrosion. In addition, colored gloves are usually used in the food industry, which should be differentiated from the color of the food, to avoid timely detection of broken gloves falling into the food.

Why do latex gloves turn yellow?

1, Because of latex natural properties, encounters sweat stains, saliva, and other liquids, will appear yellow.The latex comes into contact with copper ions and turns yellow. Whether it's in human sweat or our working environment, this color change has very little effect on glove performance. And the discoloration caused by this reason is mostly the local discoloration of the contact part.

2, Latex gloves after chlorine washing will show yellow.At present, powder-free gloves are mainly obtained by chlorine washing or polymer coating process. Chlorine-washed gloves tend to turn yellow.
3, Latex gloves exposed to an ultraviolet light source for a long time, higher than 30℃ and other environments is also easy to yellow. Therefore, it is necessary to store latex gloves in a cool and dry place.
Received moderate sun exposure to rays. This usually starts to show up before the glove is even used. There are also associated signs of gloves becoming brittle, sticky, and so on, indicating changes in glove quality. In this case, the performance of gloves has been greatly affected, it is recommended not to use

Can latex gloves be recycled?

Because latex gloves are mainly made of latex, belong to the environmentally friendly material, and the material of latex can be recycled.

Latex gloves chemical resistance:

Latex gloves are resistant to weak acid and base, but not too strong acid and base. In other words, latex gloves are resistant to chemical corrosion for a short time, not a long time. In our daily life, the chemical components in the cleaning agent used in cleaning, the detergent used in washing dishes, and the washing powder used in washing clothes can be used to resist acid and alkali corrosion in a short time with latex gloves. Disposable Nitrile gloves and disposable latex gloves are better choices for short-time acid and alkali-resistant disposable gloves. Nitrile gloves have better chemical resistance than software gloves.

Do hospitals use latex gloves?

YES. Latex Examination Gloves, Sterile Gloves are common for medical use.


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