Latex glove allergy reaction&treatment

Latex Gloves are different from ordinary gloves. They are made of latex. They can be used in daily life, industrial production, diagnosis and treatment, beauty care, and other fields. Latex gloves are made of pure natural latex and other fine modifiers, after unique surface treatment and comfortable clothing, widely used in industrial and agricultural production and manufacturing, diagnosis, and treatment, and daily life.

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The characteristics of latex gloves

Latex gloves can be used in the machinery manufacturing industry and rechargeable battery manufacturing industry; Glass fiber industrial production, airport installation; Aerospace industry; Environmental protection, and cleaning. Latex gloves have the characteristics of wear resistance, puncture resistance, corrosion resistance, vegetable oil resistance, gas, and diesel resistance, and have general acid resistance. The oil resistance effect is very good, according to the FDA certification. The grain design scheme of the fingertips of latex gloves is very different, which can improve the grasp of farmland, reasonably avoid running off, no patent design scheme of palm print, symmetrical glue penetration, improve safety protection. There is also a different arm design scheme of latex gloves, which is pure cotton lining to improve comfort.

What is latex allergy?

Latex allergic reaction refers to the touch of pure natural latex commodities such as latex gloves, latex cork, etc., resulting in rapid allergic symptoms, also include terminal allergic symptoms. Latex is a skin allergy caused by skin, mucosa, or parenteral way. There are some ingredients such as chestnut, monkey peach, banana, apple, tomato, and latex that have a cross reflection, so people with latex allergy should prevent eating this cross reflection of the food.


Latex glove allergy reaction&treatment:

1. Irritating atopic dermatitis:

This is the most common condition and is usually characterized only by redness of the arms, itching, dryness, or cracked skin.

Cause: Wash hands ceaselessly with soap disinfectant disinfection, but do not wipe, glove breathable effect is not good, bring about irritant and cause skin allergy, if the glove is dry, cause very likely because of irritant of light calcium powder inside the glove.

Treatment: Be sure to clean up the soapy liquid and detergent, and scrub or wipe your hands before wearing gloves. If gloves are dry, internal light calcium powder can not be too much. After every application of gloves, one must use cold water to clean up the light calcium powder attached to the hand. Once irritant dermatitis occurs, the application of anti-inflammatory agents, the symptoms will quickly subside.

2. Allergic dermatitis:

Not as common as irritant dermatitis. It is characterized by itchy arms and dry or cracked skin, often accompanied by red rashes and small blisters, and generally has no significant signs of systemic irritation.

Cause: This type of atopic dermatitis is not caused by latex allergy, but a late-onset skin allergy caused by some compounds found in latex gloves.

Treatment: Normally, a pair of latex gloves or cleaning gloves should be removed before each application, but in practice, it is best to use fewer or no latex gloves to better avoid severe allergy symptoms. Once allergic dermatitis occurs, it is necessary to take antihistamines and apply power to the hands, and the disease can dissipate quickly.

3. Latex allergy:

It is very rare, most of them are rapid response, generally in gloves within a few minutes to 10 minutes of skin flushing, itching, the disease can occur in the whole body, often accompanied by measles, sinusitis, keratitis, chest tightness, shortness of breath, palpitation shortness of breath, etc. In more severe cases, shortness of breath and tachycardia may occur.

Cause: This condition is caused by latex allergy.

Treatment: once this happens, should immediately give acyclovir and other anti-allergy medicine treatment, and quickly take off the gloves, with saltwater constantly washing hands. latex allergy should prevent people from touching latex gloves and other latex products.


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