Are nitrile gloves toxic?


Nitrile gloves are non-toxic, nitrile gloves are not toxic, can be used in the food industry, such as nitrile rubber gloves and other products, practical and durable. Nitrile Examination Gloves are wearable on both hands, made of 100% nitrile latex, free of protein, effectively avoid protein allergy; Nitrile gloves come in many very rich colors because of the pigments that are used in production. As a result, some people have raised concerns about whether the pigment added to nitrile gloves is toxic and may have adverse effects on the human body. In general, there are a variety of pigments that can be added to nitrile gloves.

First, whatever pigments are used in gloves, national standards require them to be safe. For example, in the national standard of Disposable gloves, GB7533-2006 "Disposable sterilized rubber Surgical Gloves", GB10213-2006 "disposable Medical rubber examination gloves", and so on, there are clear provisions: any pigment used should be non-toxic. Therefore, in the selection of raw materials for compliant disposable gloves, they must meet relevant requirements to ensure that the gloves can be qualified, so that they can be smoothly circulated in the market.

In the nitrile glove production process, pigment is added during the raw material. If there are obvious differences in the finished products of gloves, the relevant national standards will require that the finished products be tested to see whether the relevant requirements are met. Therefore, to ensure product compliance, glove providers will control the pigment process to ensure that the product can meet the requirements.

Therefore, as long as we use qualified gloves, the safety of the pigment is guaranteed, it will not cause harm to the human body. All please rest assured.


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