Are nitrile gloves recyclable?

Nitrile gloves are generally used in purification workshops because purification workshops have high requirements for cleanliness. I believe that many friends think that nitrile gloves used in purification workshops are disposable. Nitrile gloves can also be repeatedly cleaned and used.

Are-nitrile-gloves-recyclableEnterprises hope that the gloves after regeneration cleaning can still maintain good cleanliness in all aspects of performance, and can withstand repeated cleaning. The better quality nitrile gloves are made of 100% nitrile rubber, with an excellent manufacturing process and strong durability. After repeated cleaning and testing by experts, the cleaned nitrile gloves can still meet the requirements of related industries in ESD, FTIR, IC, LPC, and other micro tests. Therefore, high-quality nitrile gloves for recycling cleaning can greatly save the cost of enterprises.

Nitrile gloves can be cleaned and used repeatedly, but what should be paid attention to when cleaning?
  • 1. If oil pollution is found, it should be carefully removed and then washed.
  • 2. Check the damage degree of nitrile gloves before cleaning, and scrap the damaged nitrile gloves.
  • 3. It must be cleaned, dried, and bundled in a clean room with higher cleanliness than gloves.
  • 4, Wet, dry cleaning with water to filter, solvent distillation after the point of use with less than 0.2μ M aperture filter membrane, as required filter more than once.
  • 5. To remove water-soluble pollutants, wash with water and then use solvent for final cleaning to remove oily pollutants.
  • 6. Dry in the professional clean air circulation system.
  • 7. After drying, tidy it up in a professional clean room and put it into a clean polyester bag or bone bag. According to requirements, it can be double-packed or vacuum-sealed. Because the folding process is most susceptible to dust, the folding process must be carried out in a high level of purification space.

Nitrile gloves should be cleaned by the correct cleaning process, to avoid damage to nitrile gloves, to achieve the purpose of reducing the production cost of enterprises and saving money.


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