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About us

Since 2001, YICHANG Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. has been focusing on developing medical personal protective equipment products.  Yichang Company takes “quality first, Honest and trustworthy, Satisfiedd Service” as the philosophy and own the FDA and CE international quality ISO system. Yichang is also CN-FDA approved Manuafacturer, which is doing great effort for goverment during Covin-19.

Yichang company is well-known all over China after everyone hard working and deep developing for 20+years. Yichang has high repuptation and winning Years turnover increasing 30% and customer admiration.  The rich experiences in the industry, hundred of first-class production lines, and various series of products enable us to meet your needs.

Yichang is one of the leading manufacturer of disposable protective gloves in the China, with the annual output of 20 billion pieces of gloves.Products are widely used in fields of medical examination, first-aid, nurse, dentistry, laboratories, food processing and electronic industry protection etc. With strict quality assurance system, rich professional experiences and well-trained staff, we provide you high quality products and good services. Our products sell well in many regions and countries all over the world for many years.

In order to meet the world wide demand expection, Yichang act quickly to expand production line.Disposable gloves wholesale including TPE,Vinyl,Nitrile,Synthetic,Latex,PE Gloves and developing medical related products. All product with CE and FDA Certification. You welcome to cooperate with us.


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